Team Talks

by TeamPitfalls®

We believe in the power of teams. That is why we focus on building a community of people who have dedicated their time and effort to build and support great teams.

We know how hard it can be. What if in a few areas, we could spare you the pain?

That’s our goal with this brand new series of TeamTalks! 

In every session, a speaker will share his hands-on experience to guide you through common pitfalls regarding different topics ranging from organizational to technical issues.

Team Talks 01

Promoting: What if you were doing it wrong?

Getting promoted is often seen as the ultimate goal in one’s career, the more often the better.
However, succeeding at being trusted for that people management role for the first time is often only the beginning of the journey.
Without proper grounding, intention, qualification and most importantly support, the newly appointed leader may very much fail in this role which initially felt so right for her/him.

There is a clear role to play for the leader responsible for this appointment. A role of coach, a role of mentor and many more.

Maxime Castéra, Director at Entervals, will share the Dos and the Don’ts in appointing team members or outsiders to such coveted roles.

Team Talks 02

Change in organizations

Julia went through a re-organization as an employee, she has driven change at team/department level.
She ended up engineering a complete and successful re-organization of her whole company.

It was not perfect and it was certainly not easy.

We were glad to welcome Julia Dubois, currently Chief Operating Officer at Tenforce to tell us her story of people and change.